Table of Edge-Transitive Graphs

Mini-Census of Regular Connected Edge-Transitive Graphs

Census data from Stephen Wilson, Primož Potočnik and Berkeley Churchill.

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Column Name Description Filter Visible
Use regular expression filtering

  • By default, the "Index" column sorts graphs of smaller valence first. If you want to see 5-valent graphs, try going to the end, sorting by |V| or by filtering the valence column.
  • Type quotes around a number in the |AG|, |vs| or |ds| filters to get results with exactly that numerical unfactored size.
  • In fields with factored numbers you can use HTML syntax to match superscripts. For example typing 2<sup>3</sup> into the filter for |AG| will show all automorphism groups that are divisible by 8 but not 16.
  • You can sort by multiple columns at once using the shift key. For example, to sort graphs first by the number of vertices and then by the size of the automorphism group you click the sort button for |V| and then hold down shift while clicking the sort button for |AG|.
  • Use regular expression filtering to do complex matching. A red background in a text field means your regular expression is invalid. This reference should have the correct syntax to use (but no promises!). Be aware that the regular expressions are matched against the HTML contents of cells, which often contain some hidden tags such as tags that help with ordering. These extra tags provide more things to match, so with some extra work they should be more helpful than hindering if you inspect the page source.

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